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The parish of the Annunciation in Little Rock would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. While this parish was established in Little Rock, AR, in 1913 and has been in its present location since 1983, the Orthodox Christian Church has spanned the globe since 33 AD. This year, through the Grace of God and the faithful dedication of Orthodox Christian men and women in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Annunciation Church family has the high privilege and unparalleled joy of commemorating the 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE ANNUNCIATION IN LITTLE ROCK!

The men and women in 1913 who helped formally establish an Orthodox Church in Little Rock could not imagine just how richly the Lord would bless their faithful efforts. At its inception, the Annunciation was founded by a small group of Greek immigrants, 100 years later, the parish aptly reflects Arkansas & the American experience as is comprised of more than 200 families (representing 18 different nationalities) who regularly come together in order to witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ, strive to reflect His love, and live according to the principles and discipline of the Orthodox Christianity. With steadfast confidence in God and a tireless work ethic, generations upon generation of Annunciation Church members have helped forge a path that this parish is not only blessed to celebrate in 2013, but ensures a bright Christ-centered future.

Through God’s grace, the Annunciation in Little Rock is a vibrant, growing community of men and women from every background and age, adhering to Orthodox Christian principles that are concurrently Scriptural, Traditional, Apostolic and Eucharistic. Our Church family continually searches for dynamic ways to serve the Lord, manifest the light of Christ to the world and try to address the needs of all of God’s people. For at its core, the Annunciation in Little Rock is an Orthodox Christian family that faithfully comes together at the Eucharistic Banquet every Sunday to worship the Lord; and in this light discover the manner and means by which to better know Him and do His will.

While we hope that this web site will help you learn more about our parish, our Centennial Celebrations and our Orthodox Christian faith; above all, we hope you will personally visit us! Please feel free to visit the Annunciation in Little Rock and pray with us on any given Sunday. Come and discover a welcoming Church family, an ancient and dynamic Orthodox Christian Faith, and perhaps even a spiritual home where you and yours may want to plant roots and expand your relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Come celebrate with us!

Rev. Dr. Nicholas J. Verdaris


Orthodox Church



Divine Liturgy10:00am

Sunday School11:15am

All are welcome.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday9:00am - 3:00pm

1100 Napa Valley Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72211

Contact Info:

Office Phone: 501-221-5300


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